Quick Cash Sales

There may come a time when your home – or a property you’ve inherited – may take more time, energy, or funds to maintain than you have to give.

But you may be hesitant to sell because the

thought of listing and selling a home feels even more daunting than holding onto it.

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Marston & Company can help.

Through a private sale, we would purchase your home as-is – quickly, easily, and for cash. No real estate commissions, no closing costs.

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Here’s what you can expect:

Through a private, off-market sale, Marston & Company will:

  • Make a competitive, cash offer
  • Purchase your property in as-is condition
  • Take care of any repairs or clean out
  • Work with you to address any liens or barriers to selling
  • Provide resources for relocation, storage, and moving
  • Offer a quick or flexible closing, depending on your needs
  • Renovate the home for resale or rental

We recognize that our sellers have built lives in the homes and communities where they live. Marston & Company respects and appreciates that history and will treat you and your home sale as much more than just a financial transaction.

Our Commitment

We’re committed to developing the properties we sell in a way that preserves the original character and history of the home, feels true to the neighborhood, and is resold at an affordable price. 

Whether you’re facing foreclosure or own a property that needs more TLC than you can give it, contact Marston & Company to learn more about your options.

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