Why do I need an agent?

It’s true that you can represent yourself and your home on the market and there are a few reasons to do so.

  1. It’s possible that no one knows your home like you do: all the repairs that need to be made, the upgrades that you have already done, and all the nooks and crannies that make your house a home.  You have lived in and loved your home. You have a good chance of convincing someone why they should love it too.
  2. While an agent may have more experience than you do, some people find it difficult to trust someone else to negotiate fairly and ethically.  When you sell your own home, you speak with the buyers directly and can ensure they are hearing what you want them to hear.
  3. Perhaps, most importantly, you won’t have to share some of what you make on your home with an agent.  Most agents ask for 5-7 percent of the final sale.

While selling your home on your own will help you take control of the sale of your home, there are some reasons to trust someone else when it comes to this life-changing decision.

  1. Agents know what they are doing. They take classes and become licensed by the state in order to sell houses efficiently and responsibly.  Most also have years of experience helping people find buyers for their homes and bring multiple offers and options to your kitchen table. Have you ever heard of property disclosure? Do you know how to fill out a lead paint disclosure? What about a multi-family rider?  Also, are you willing to face the legal ramifications if you misstep on one of these forms?  An agent will help you complete the necessary documents and help you avoid legal entanglements.
  2. Agents have the connections and expertise to market your home.  Finding a buyer is their job, and they like doing it.  While you may have to pay them 5-7 percent of your profits, they earn every penny by offering you support and guidance as you embark on one of the most important journeys of your life.  They don’t make any money until you do.  They have access to multiple brokers throughout the state and can update them on your listing, and those agents in turn introduce your home to their clients.  Once your agent begins the process of selling your home, you will see a sign in your yard, pictures of your home online, and perhaps even a photo on a window downtown.  People can’t buy what they don’t know is there and an agent will make sure they do.
  3. An agent will also take care of all the communication with buyers.  Do you have time to drop everything and show your home to potential buyers?  Agents do.  They handle private showings, plan and execute open houses, and respond to inquiries online.  When a buyer shows interest, it’s an agent’s job to navigate properly and make sure you get the most value for your home.  Remember: agents only make money when you do.

There are many options to sift through as you make the important decision of how to sell your home.  If you have any questions or want some unbiased advice give me a call, and I will help you wade through all the information.  Helping you find your way is my job.

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